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Month: December 2014

New Plants to Look for in 2015

As I started thinking about this particular blog post for our website, the reality set in: Spring is just around the corner.

As most of us are still shoveling snow, the growing department here at Winterberry is gearing up for another busy spring planting season in our greenhouses. Every year our growing department has strived to bring you new and exciting plants instead of the same old, same old. This year is no different.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.25.08 PM

Gardening Tools: How to organize, store and clean

Every gardener, and even those that do not consider themselves gardeners, have a garage full of tools. Depending on your organizational habits, these tools can be found neatly organized or strung about.

Whether you are orderly or haphazard with garden tool storage, there are a few practices that will help prolong their life. Tools are an expensive investment, and the few minutes it takes to clean and repair them will help to extend their life.

We’ve got some cleaning and storage tips for you – a great winter project!