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Month: October 2015

31 Days of Pumpkins

It is almost the end of October and we only have 10 more pumpkins to post on Facebook for our #31DaysofPumpkins

So far we have shared a lot of great pumpkins, but we want to see your pumpkins as well! If you carve, decorate, or paint a pumpkin; share it with us! Your pumpkin could be posted onto our Facebook page.

Here are some of the pumpkins that everyone has liked the most on Facebook:


If you want to make this pumpkin fairy garden, make sure you stop into Fairy Hollow at the garden center to get some decorations and inspiration!

Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Tom Shea from Winterberry Irrigation is here to show you how to shut down, blow out, and prepare your sprinkler system for the Winter!

Winter is coming faster than you think, and it is important to get all of the water out of your irrigation system. If you don’t properly winterize your system, the water can freeze in the pipes, and your system won’t be working in the spring.

Watch the video for all of the tips that Tom has:

Pick your Pumpkins!

Winterberry Gardens, is the go-to source for some of the most beautifully unique pumpkins during the autumn season. We have large selection of pick your own pumpkins available in all shapes and sizes.


Check out Mike’s pumpkin video: