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2019 Fall Landscaping Design Trends

As we head into the 2019 fall landscaping season, this year’s outdoor trends have solidified. Fall is the best time to install a new landscape, so reach out to our design team today to capitalize on these 3 developing trends.

  1. The strongest trend is absolutely the increasing popularity of outdoor rooms in landscape design. This trend is nothing new, but it has only grown stronger and more innovative. We’re seeing a continual increase in design requests for outdoor rooms and outdoor living areas. These living areas can include elements such as outdoor kitchens, pools, spas, water features, fireplaces, multi-level patios, and planters. This variety of options makes a well thought-out design an absolute necessity, so your outdoor room will have the flow and usability the outdoor lifestyle demands.
  2. The next most-popular trend ties in closely with the previous one: new technology. When planning outdoor spaces, our designers are frequently including designs for outdoor speaker systems, fully customizable LED lighting systems, and smart irrigation controllers. These tech additions can bring an outdoor space to life (and give the homeowner unprecedented control) all through their smartphones.
  3. The third trend the Winterberry landscape team has noticed has been growing the last few years. It will be no surprise that environmental consciousness has increased in our clientele, and we see no reason to think this trend should slow down any time soon. People are frequently asking our designers for native plant designs, permeable paver applications, and pollinator-friendly gardens. The Winterberry design team is experienced in creating an outdoor landscape that is beautiful, functional, and incorporates these elements to give you an eco-friendly space.

If you’re interested in learning more, call the Winterberry landscape team at (860) 378-0071.