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Create the Perfect 4th of July Planter!

As the summer season comes barreling in, so does the most Patriotic time of the year. The Fourth of July brings about many friendly gatherings and cookouts which give us plant lovers a great excuse to spruce up our planting arrangements. Creating a decorative Patio Pot for the summer is a great way to go. It can function as the table center piece and easily move to continue to add color to your patio or deck. Mixing in red, white and blue flowers will brighten up containers and wow your guests with a patriotic punch of color.

When looking to create a 4th of July planter, there are many different options. First, let’s work with red. Petunias, Geraniums, Verbena, Calibrachoa, Sun Patiens, and Fuchsia are all great annuals with a pop of red in the flower. White Annuals are also easy to come by. Petunias, Geraniums, Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’, Verbena, Vinca, Bacopa, and Lobelia all show off crisp white flowers that can fit right in with your theme. Blue is the trickiest color to show off in your planter. This is a great chance to add some Perennials into the mix.

Delphinium and Larkspur would be a great addition to add a touch of blue. But, if you want to stick with annuals, Lobelia, Verbena, Ageratum, and Blue Salvia are all available with blue flowers.

Once you have found the perfect red, white, and blue flower combination, don’t forget to add something with height into the pot. Dracena Spikes are a common option, but why not wow your guests with something different. An ornamental grass, Elephant Ears, Canna, Chives or even Lemon Grass can add the height you are looking for and the herbs can even be used in your barbecue!

If you are looking to keep your flowers simple then add the detail with your pot. Pick out a bold red or blue container that can be planted up year after year. Another option is paint. A simple Terracotta Pot can also be transformed with some color.

Get creative by adding red, white, and blue stripes to your 4th of July planter. Looking to go even simpler? Then dress up your planter with an American Flag or decorative branches. But most importantly have a great Fourth of July!

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[This post was written by Ashley Vescera of the Winterberry Garden center with the help of Gina Gentile]