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A Grassroots Food Revolution – The Modern Victory Garden


Harkening to the self-sufficiency of previous generations who planted victory gardens in their front and back yards as a means to support their nation’s war efforts…



…today many are undertaking the challenge of declaring independence from corporate food systems, reducing reliance on fossil fuels to bring food to the table, and cultivating a more healthy and fulfilling life.



This grass roots revolution is occurring in today’s modern version of the victory garden. The “war” is a revolution – and the battleground is right here on the home front. It is all about taking back responsibility and control of our own food supply.



Whether it is a modest container of tomatoes on a patio deck or a full fledged self-sufficient garden – each effort represents one step towards freeing ourselves from the forces that would keep us dependent on a system of petroleum fueled and factory farmed food.



Growing more of our own food heightens the taste and nutrition of meals, and along the way we experience the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from learning the basic skills of providing for our families and ourselves.



Grow What You Eat – Eat What You Grow!




Written by Laura at