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Air Plants: Indoor Gardening Made Easy

We LOVE Air Plants here at Winterberry! Although they are not something new, air plants are quickly gaining popularity among gardeners and non-gardeners alike! Typically they are found in warm, tropical climates growing from trees. Due to their unique appearance, versatility and extremely easy maintenance routine, air plants are popping up everywhere and more and more people are looking to have them in their homes.


Air Plants, aka Tillandsia, are called epiphytes because they can grow without any soil and obtain all of their nutrients from their specialized leaves. Since they don’t require any soil, they can be placed just about anywhere. They don’t like direct sunlight; instead, they prefer bright indirect light. As for watering requirements, there are a couple of different ways to satisfy their watering needs. I typically water my air plants once a week. When it’s hot, they may require more frequent watering and when it’s cooler, they may require less. I fill up my sink with water, drop all of my air plants in, making sure to get all of their leaf surface wet. Then, I let them sit in the water between 5-10 minutes. Once their time is up, I take them out of the sink, shake off any excess water, and simply put them back where I had them. Another method for watering is to mist them using a spray bottle. This method makes it much easier if you have your air plant in a type of container or hanging terrarium where it can’t be easily removed.


There are many different varieties of air plants with different overall appearance, shape, size, texture, color and flower type. Tillandsia don’t flower too often, but when they do, the flowers are pretty spectacular. They are so unique and colorful and last longer than you might imagine. There are also countless ways to display air plants in your home. You can create a hanging terrarium or one that can rest on a table or other surface. Place them in a decorative bowl or vase to add a unique element to your décor. We also have an adhesive that you can use to attach the air plants to a piece of driftwood or anything else. One of my favorite ways to display them is to place them in shells or sea urchins. At Winterberry, we even have some air plants inside of sea urchins that hang upside down. They look like jellyfish and can be hung just about anywhere!


Next time you visit Winterberry Garden Center, be sure to check out our Air Plant display inside of our large greenhouse. We have SO many types of air plants, along with everything you need to create your own air plant terrarium, including glass vessels, many types of hanging globes, decorative stones, sea urchins and other accessories. We even have some globes already made up with air plants in them! These make great gifts! Once you try air plants, you won’t be able to have just one!

Check out our air plants & tons of other great items for sale in our garden center!

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