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Author: Bryan Stolz

Beat the Mosquitoes This Summer

Looking for ways to keep those pesky mosquitoes from becoming a nuisance at your home this summer? Winterberry has some tips to help keep them from ruining your cookouts and parties.
There has been an increased concern this past year when it comes to mosquitoes and we have had a lot of requests for some plants that are known to help repel these little pests. As a result, we are fully stocked up to meet your requests!…

2014 Landscape Design Trends

As we prepare to enter the 2014 Landscape Season, this year’s outdoor design trends have started to take shape, and some exciting developments have emerged.  In general, the trends fall into one of three categories: outdoor rooms, new technology, and environmental consciousness.


Designing an Outdoor Room

Due to the uncertainty in the real estate market, many clients we work with now choose to expand their current homes, rather than move to a larger house.  Rather than doing a traditional addition, one alternative is to add an outdoor room to your home.  An outdoor room essentially serves two purposes: it is an expansion of living space, and it allows its users to enjoy their outdoors.  This creates a transitional space, one that is part inside, part outside, and that can serve many purposes.



Here at Winterberry, one of the most common requests we get is for Outdoor Living Spaces. This can mean many things to different people, but in the end the Winterberry outdoor living comes down to one thing: transformation.  A well-designed outdoor living space transports you, just by stepping out the back door.  The parameters of this new place will be different for everyone.  Like any design field, Landscape Design draws heavily from your personal preferences  so we can reflect your lifestyle.  As I’m sure our readers have all noticed, this summer has been particularly warm.  So it seems fitting that the type of outdoor living area we’ll be focused on today is Poolscape Design.  Because if you’re looking to transport yourself somewhere in this heat, that place had better have a pool.

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Welcome to the Winterberry Garden Blog!

Welcome everyone to the inaugural post of the Winterberry Gardens Blog.  All of us here at Winterberry are excited to be opening this blog up to share our collective knowledge with our loyal guests and fellow gardening enthusiasts.  Over the course of the this blog, you’ll find informative articles about Gardening, Landscape Design, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Maintenance, Horticulture, Fencing, Fertilization, and more.  Better yet, every post will be written by one of Winterberry’s own employees.  As we go through the year, you’ll be able to get to know our best and brightest, and we encourage your emailing us directly with any questions or comments.  In the end, this blog is a way for us to reach out to you, and for you to tell us what you want this blog to be.…