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Summer Garden Maintenance

Summer garden maintenance can be a delight for some and a burden to others, depending how regularly you get outdoors to poke around in the garden. Here at Winterberry, we are happy to share our insider tips for a successful growing season.

Native Trees

Native trees and shrubs are a vital part of any garden. Not only do they offer year round interest with colorful fruit, flowers and fall foliage, they are also an important source of food and shelter for local wildlife. Here are a few examples of native trees in Connecticut. Acer rubrum, Red Maple, is a fast-growing …

Fairy Gardening

Fairy Gardening or Miniature Gardening is a tradition that has been around but has recently begun capturing the interest of gardeners and non-gardeners across the country. Creating and nurturing these tiny treasures can lift your spirits while giving you the opportunity to create something with special friends or family members. In addition, as many of …

Red Thread

There is a fungus among us this time of the year. It is called red thread. Red thread is most common in lawns that have low fertility, experience excessive moisture, and experience cool nights.

Modern Fence Styles

Fences have drastically evolved over the years. Modern fence styles, more commonly referred to as the Asian or Zen style have become increasingly popular. These styles reinforce the “less is more” concept. They are typically horizontal and sleek with clean lines and dramatic details. The design highlights the beauty of nature while remaining simplistic.

Beat the Blight

Most people would agree that the rock star of the veggie garden is the tomato. Come July, there is nothing like a sun-warmed ripe tomato picked off the vine and eaten right in the garden.

Do your part: Earth Day 2013

At Winterberry Gardens, we treat everyday like Earth Day. We are constantly looking for more efficient ways to improve our practices and conserve our resources.

Smart Irrigation Practices

When it comes to irrigation systems, a common concern is an excessive use of water. At Winterberry Gardens, we take measures to ensure that water is not used in a wasteful manner.