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Beat the Blight

Most people would agree that the rock star of the veggie garden is the tomato. Come July, there is nothing like a sun-warmed ripe tomato picked off the vine and eaten right in the garden.

Do your part: Earth Day 2013

At Winterberry Gardens, we treat everyday like Earth Day. We are constantly looking for more efficient ways to improve our practices and conserve our resources.

Smart Irrigation Practices

When it comes to irrigation systems, a common concern is an excessive use of water. At Winterberry Gardens, we take measures to ensure that water is not used in a wasteful manner.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is an ideal time to plan your own lawn care program. Maintaining a healthy lawn can certainly be a difficult challenge for homeowners, but with a few helpful tips from our professionals, you can have a head start to a lush lawn in no time! As soon as the snow melts and it’s comfortable …

Master Plan Design

Master plan design is all about the BIG PICTURE. When embarking on any design project, it is important to map out your long-term goals. The designers at Winterberry can create a master plan for your property while taking into account your budget, property limitations and advantages, and future maintenance costs to ensure a well-thought, well-built, …

Winterberry does the Harlem Shake!

During our Spring Kick-Off last week, the Garden Center team had planned a little fun! Jumping on the most recent YouTube bandwagon, they organized and filmed an impromptu, company-wide Harlem Shake. We ask that our clients forgive us, knowing that we are much better landscapers than dancers. Check out the video below!