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Category: Troubleshooting

Dandelion Removal

What makes dandelion removal from lawns so difficult? Well, dandelions enjoy the best of both worlds. Above-ground, their seeds ride the wind currents, poised to drop into the slightest opening in your lawn to propagate the species. Meanwhile, below-ground, they strike down a taproot up to 10″ long. Pulling the taproot as a means of removal is problematic. Thick but brittle, the taproot easily fractures– and any fraction of the taproot that remains in the ground will regenerate.



Eliminate Bald Patches in Your Lawn

Unsightly bald patches in your lawn can be a source of stress and aggravation. These patches can be caused from a few different scenarios. I’m going to help you diagnose and find the best solution for your lawn. Keep reading!

Gardening Pet Peeve – The Woodchuck

Call him a woodchuck, groundhog or whistle-pig, but he’s still my pet garden peeve. What do woodchucks eat? Whatever they want!!! There isn’t much that “Chuck” passes up, although he does have his preferences. In fact, if allowed access to the garden, he can be quite the gourmet. For instance, he waits until my zinnia blossoms are just about ready to bloom, then he eats them all at once. I yell at him and he zips across the yard and squeezes himself under my gazebo. (How can an animal that eats mostly vegetation be so fat?) woodchuck

Hydrangeas – A Gardener’s Pride and Pain

The most asked about plant in the nursery!

Hydrangeas are a fantastic plant, but one of the most common questions we receive in the garden center is “why isn’t my hydrangea blooming?”
Pinpointing an exact answer is tough, but it could be one of many things…

Winterizing Your Irrigation System

The Winterization of your irrigation system is extremely important to schedule before the cold weather hits.  This process is necessary to ensure that any major system damage is avoided during the winter months.

How to Winterize Your Garden

 Sadly it is that time of year, time to get your garden ready for winter. Time to get that last harvest out of your vegetable garden and time to get the last cut flowers from your fall flowering perennials and shrubs.

Fall Clean-Up

While Autumn may be one of the most beautiful times of year, it is also one of the busiest – for your yard. With the changing of the seasons, it is important to spruce up your property with a little Fall clean-up. A little preparation for Winter in the Fall will have huge benefits come Springtime. Here are some of our suggestions:

1) Keep up with your raking! Be sure to clear your lawn of all leaves on a weekly basis – freshly dropped leaves are easier to clean then wet heavy ones. If you do not have a landscaper to remove the leaves, check with your town to see if they have weekly curb-side leaf cleanup. *It is important to do this before the first snowfall to avoid snow pressing leaves into your lawn/garden & potentially killing them.