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Cold Hardy Mums & Fall Annuals

Though it may not be sweater weather quite yet, cooler nights and shorter days are just around the corner. Little ones are returning to school in their new outfits, and it’s time to think about updating your home garden’s look as well. Cold hardy fall annuals offer opportunity to bring beautiful blooms and decorative foliage into your garden without having to worry about the chilly days to come. In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on six annuals (three flowers and three foliage plants) that make great choices for cold hardy fall annuals.

Beautiful Blooms: 
The garden mum is our top choice for long lasting floral color. Mums boast large, dense blooms that will last and come in a rainbow of jewel-toned hues. With a heavily mounding habit, mums make great container flowers to bring a little brightness wherever you need it.

Snapdragons, with their vibrant color, make an excellent addition to both containers and beds. Their height and stacked flowers add some drama and panache to pots, and are beautiful as cut flowers as well. The shortest varieties can be as small as six inches, while taller varieties measure up at as much as two feet! Pansies, our friends from early spring, make a reappearance in fall gardens. Their ability to withstand colder temperatures make them a safe bet for unpredictable fall weather. Sweet blooms in a rainbow of colors provide a plethora of planting possibilities. Yellows, purples, reds and oranges complement the jewel tones of both mums and snapdragons, as well as other cool weather honorable mentions, like sweet alyssum and dianthus.

Festive Foliage:
We recommend ornamental grasses if you’re looking to add height and drama to your bed or container. The fountain grasses, as well as grains like millet, have foliage that spills over gracefully, while tall tassels add drama and depth to your beds.

Flowering kale and ornamental cabbage also provide vibrant foliage. Dark greens fade gently into bright purples that pop! These plants also have fun, spiky foliage that provide texture. Dusty Miller is another great foliage choice. Velvety, silvery leaves bring to mind the coming frost and offer visual and tactile softness. As always, the Winterberry garden center team is happy to help you perfect your fall planting, for all projects, big or small. Come on in; it’s a great day at Winterberry!