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Colors of Fall

With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about adding fall colors into your landscape. Fall annuals are really what fall is about, but there are other ways to get long-lasting fall interest in your yard using trees, shrubs and perennials.

Here at Winterberry we have a variety of ways to add color. Trees are a great way to add a big splash of fall color to your landscape. A few of my favorites include Maples, Sweetgum and River Birch. The foliage of Maples range from yellow to orange and even red, depending on the type of Maple tree you select. Sweetgums have yellow-purple-red foliage, also depending on the variety. River Birches offer a yellow foliage with an interesting bark in the fall.
In the shrub yard, we selected a new Weigela called Wings of Fire which grows to four feet tall and wide. This shrub is great for borders and the foliage gets a distinct red color once cool autumn temperatures arrive. Brandywine and Winterthur, just two of the many types Viburnum we carry, produce red and blue berries and are paired with a dark maroon-red foliage. These Viburnum are stunning alone or even planted as a border. A favorite fall shrub or tree of mine would be Hydrangea paniculata varieties; Limelight and Little Lime are a great choice for fall color. Lime green blooms age into varying shades of pink and persist throughout the season and even into the frost.
In addition, there are a couple of perennials that catch my eye in the fall: Sedum, Goldenrod and Black Eyed Susans. Sedums (by far my favorite) are great for being tolerant of summer heat, but also are great even into the fall. These succulent plants add color not with just with their foliage, but they also flower pink
in late summer / early fall. They look great in garden beds, containers, and rock gardens. Goldenrod lights up your flower beds with its magnificent sprays of golden yellow flowers. This plant often gets a bad rap since most people think it is the cause of many allergies. The real culprit for causing allergies is Ragweed, so don’t let the worry of allergies stop you from including Goldenrod in your garden for great fall color. This perennial is also native, attracts birds and butterflies and is great planted in groups. The last perennial that always catches my eye in the fall would be Black Eyed Susans. There are a variety of Black Eyed Susans to choose from, some smaller and ome taller types. They produce bright golden flowers with the center of the flower being almost black in color.
These trees, shrubs and perennials are all spectacular when it comes to adding fall color to your landscape. Come down to the Garden Center so we can help you add a burst of fall color to your garden!