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Modern Fence Styles

Fences have drastically evolved over the years. Modern fence styles, more commonly referred to as the Asian or Zen style have become increasingly popular. These styles reinforce the “less is more” concept. They are typically horizontal and sleek with clean lines and dramatic details. The design highlights the beauty of nature while remaining simplistic.

Native Shrubs

Many gardeners have started to discover the benefits of gardening with native plants. When established in landscape sites similar to their natural habit, native plants require little maintenance, attract beneficial wildlife to the garden and are well adapted to local soils and climate. There is an abundance of beautiful native plants in Connecticut. Here are …

Master Plan Design

Master plan design is all about the BIG PICTURE. When embarking on any design project, it is important to map out your long-term goals. The designers at Winterberry can create a master plan for your property while taking into account your budget, property limitations and advantages, and future maintenance costs to ensure a well-thought, well-built, …