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Fairy Gardening 101

Fairy gardening is gardening with miniature plants, and accessories to match! Each fairy garden can be easily customized, but there are some common themes found in each garden. Some of themes may include fairy houses, dwarf plants, small decorations, and a shady spot in the yard.



If you’re looking for a fun gardening project this summer, a fairy garden is perfect!

  • To start a fairy garden, you need the right plants. Fairy flowers® are a great for your fairy garden because they are miniature plants that grow well indoors and outdoors. The plants either stay a small size, or can be trimmed to stay tiny!  Fairy-Flowers-Display-High-Res


  • Once you find the plants you want, you have to pick the size of the planter you think would be best for your garden. You can choose from a variety of sizes. The fairy garden plants are small, so you can get a planter that looks good indoors and out!



  • To make the finishing touches to your garden, you can get creative and make a theme for your garden! There are so many decorations that you can put into your garden, and you can even craft DIY projects for them. The decorations can always be changed seasonally as well.



Everyone can make a fairy garden perfect for their backyard! They are perfect to make with your kids, and are a great patio decoration.

For even more fairy garden ideas, check out our Pintrest board: Fairy Garden Fun