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Fairy Gardening

Fairy Gardening or Miniature Gardening is a tradition that has been around but has recently begun capturing the interest of gardeners and non-gardeners across the country. Creating and nurturing these tiny treasures can lift your spirits while giving you the opportunity to create something with special friends or family members. In addition, as many of us continue to downsize, Fairy Gardens are becoming increasingly popular, since they can fit just about anywhere.


Begin by designing your garden using miniature plants along with small furniture and other mini décor. Fairy Gardens can be created in a container if space is very limited. They can also be planted in the garden using larger-scale accessories. When incorporated into an existing garden, you can continue to expand, adding more accessories and plants as it grows. All items used to create fairy gardens are small. There are so many accessories available to design your own personal mini escape: from bistro table sets to miniature pinwheels, birdbaths and swings, there is truly something for all interests. There are even miniature animals that can call your Fairy Garden their home! Next, in creating your miniature landscape, you can also add fences, walkways and paths, along with mini walls and stepping stones. You can even add a little sparkle to the garden with fairy dust!


     The art of Fairy Gardening can be passed down from generation to generation. Mothers and grandmothers can pass the tradition on, building and perfecting their gardens with younger generations, sparking new interest while creating memories. Continuing the hobby by adding other items to the Fairy Garden allows more time to be spent together. It is also a fantastic way to engage kids and inspire an excitement for gardening.


In addition to the excitement and joy of creating a Fairy Garden, the fun does not stop once your design is in place. In order to keep your Fairy Garden looking its best, some light trimming is necessary to keep the plants neat and small. If you’re not sure what items to include in your Fairy Garden, we have kits available in our garden center that help you create an instant garden; simply add plants! We also have a large selection of Fairy Flowers and accessories you can use in designing and creating your own Fairy Garden. We’re thrilled to feature this fun, fast-growing trend and hope to inspire many new Fairy Garden designers to experience their own enjoyable and memorable creations!

-Thank you to Adrianna Gentile of Winterberry who wrote this piece for our June Newsletter!