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Fall Container Gardening

Fall Container Gardening is a great way to extend the season and enjoy a little color before the landscapes turns to its dreary shade of grey for Winter.

Once the heat of summer passes, the annuals that have been delighting you all season long seem to slow down and cease to bloom; maybe your containers dried out a little bit while you were on vacation and now they need a little sprucing up. Those tired annuals have given their all and now it’s time for a refresher.

There are so many more options than there have been for generations past; mums and grasses are still available but there are some new and interesting options for cool-season color.

Winterberry-grown Mums are available in a variety of sizes and colors like never before. Newer plant breeding programs allow for a faster introduction to the market and an increased selection.

If you’d like to try something a little different; we offer a large selection of alternatives. A few options include Ornamental pepper plants, Sunflowers, late-season blooming perennials like Sedum. We also carry Coral Bells, or Heuchera, and they are available in an array of colors ranging from bright chartreuse to every shade of orange, rust and burgundy. They are a great plant for a dry, shady area and therefore can be popped into the garden after they’ve served their fall-color purpose. Another great perennial for Fall color are Asters. The short mounded types are great for mixing with Mums, they are available in bright purples and pinks. We also stock a much taller type of New York Aster called Purple Dome, which is perfect for late season color in a border garden or in a container.

One of our absolute favorites is Ornamental Cabbage and Kale. They are extremely cold-hardy, they last well past the first frost and can sometimes withstand snow fall without losing shape or color. The cabbages and kales are available in multiple color combos, green and pink, purple and pink, green and white; and many have ruffled leaves. We also stock a large selection of ornamental grasses, including the popular Purple Fountain Grass. This type has a beautiful burgundy color to its leaves and plumes, however it will not survive a winter. For folks looking to maximize their budgets, please consider one of the dozens of gorgeous perennial grass varieties that we have in stock, and put them in the garden once the fall display is no longer desired.

Winterberry is growing its own crop of fall Pansies to add a cheerful burst of color to your containers or beds. These tough little guys are best known for the their early spring display, but they work just as well for the cool nights that are right around the corner.

We will also be stocking up on pumpkins and gourds, cornstalks and bales of hay to complete your display. If you have any questions about these items or would like to learn more, please stop by and see what’s new here at Winterberry; we’re changing with the seasons and you never know what you might find!

-Rebecca Skrzypiec, Winterberry Landscape Management