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“Fire”scaping with Winterberry Landscape

What better way to enjoy a change in the seasons than a fire feature within your landscape space? Whether you enjoy fall from a patio, screened room, or overhead structure, fire features add an element to the landscape that enhances the mood of the great outdoors. When properly implemented, a fire feature, like a fire pit or fireplace, will create a gathering space to enjoy with family and friends for several seasons throughout the year. With wood-burning and/or gas-burning options to utilize, fire features can satisfy client preference regarding fuel and burn types.

A fire pit is an easy way to add fire to an outdoor space and create an environment for face time with family and friends. Fire pits can be added to an existing patio, be designed as a stand-alone installation, or be implemented into a landscape design. Finish materials for a fire pit can vary based on budget, from decorative pre-cast wall block to ornate stone veneer– the combinations of materials are limitless! When planning the placement of a fire pit, keep in mind the way in which the fire element is used. Will the fire pit anchor a patio corner/edge, or will it be a central element of which we sit around its perimeter? Keeping the intended use of your fire pit in mind prior to placement will ensure that your space will accommodate your needs feasibly.

A fireplace is also a beautiful way to incorporate fire into your space, as it serves as an anchor for an outdoor space. Typically, a fireplace is positioned as a destination within the space, as we lounge in front of the structure as opposed to around it. Of course, there are sizes to consider when choosing the right fireplace structure for your space, with options from 24” firebox width (the interior space where the flame is maintained) and up. There are also wood-burning and gas-burning options as well, similar to those of any fire feature. Finish materials for a fireplace will also vary based on budget, with several additional areas for customization to make your fireplace as unique as you desire.

Several other fire features are available that can add the fire element to your landscape on a smaller scale. Many clients tend to implement less permanent components like tiki torches, fire bowls, chimineas, and fire troughs that are able to be repositioned or moved, and may be put into storage when they are not in use, if desired. Typically they are made from lighter materials for ease of use, but can offer just the right amount of ambiance to any outdoor space.

The element of fire can enhance any outdoor space by adding movement and setting the mood as you enjoy your space, extending your time spent outside through ambient energy and light.