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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Garden

Summer is quickly fading away, but it doesn’t mean your gardening has to stop. Your vibrant mums can keep you outdoors well into the fall, but your veggies can actually take you all the way into early winter. For me, it’s my favorite time and I truly enjoy my veggie garden.

There are a number of cold tolerant veggies that you can relish in right into November and sometimes even December depending on the weather. Throughout the season my fall garden is loaded with large heads of healthy escarole and is extremely hardy. Carrots are everywhere because they can protect themselves from the cold by growing deep into the soil and kale is a staple and one of my favorites.

Keep in mind, this is also the time of year to be getting ready for next year. That means you should do a thorough cleaning of your fall garden, remove all of your spent vegetable plants and give it a good raking. Remember lots of plant diseases and blights will live in the ground throughout the winter so be sure you don’t leave all of that residue behind.

Keep it clean and see you next spring!