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How To Reduce Weeds in the Garden


Weeds are plants that are in an undesirable location. For example, a rose plant grown in the middle of a lawn is a weed.
If you did not plant it, it is likely a weed.

Weed reduction in a garden can be achieved by some of the following methods:

1) Reduce soil disruption including cultivation. This seems to simply expose dormant weed seeds to light and air.

2) Keep edges of your garden trimmed to prevent weed invasion.

3) Use drip irrigation to water only the plants that need water, not the weeds.
4) Pull weeds wearing gloves and using comfortable knee pads, but always get the roots for best results. Weeding when plants are young and soil is moist works best.

5) Applications of organic matter to block sunlight to inhibit weed growth is a good start prior to weed germination. Use materials such as wood mulch, newspapers, shredded straw (but not hay- for that will have weed seeds.)
6) Use a non-selective herbicide with a trade name, ex: Round-Up. They will give a good head start, but be careful, for over-spray/drift of mist will kill young growing plants.

If you’re experiencing any weed control issues, feel free to get in touch with us via our website, or give us a call at 860-378-0071!