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Irrigation Shut Down

It is the first cool fall day, bright fall colors and dew on the windshield. These are the signs to remind you to winterize your irrigation system.

These are the steps taken during a proper irrigation shutdown:

  1. Turn off water to irrigation supply, located near the water meter or near the intake from the well
  2. If possible drain the backflow, and drain the inside pipe
  3. With an air compressor fill the irrigation lines with compressed air, and run an irrigation cycle
  4. After system is clear of water , all outside ball valves need to be set a 45 degree angle, to prevent any water residue from freezing and splitting pipe
  5. Leave outside hose bib open at the back flow preventer
  6. Turn off irrigation controller, and remove battery if possible

A small air compressor will work on irrigation but it takes a long time, we recommend the service done by a licensed professional, with the proper equipment.

Appointments can be made for your irrigation shut down by calling Meagan Thompson at Winterberry Irrigation: