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Garden Center

At Winterberry Group, the Yard Facility Manager’s role is responsible for making sure that buildings and the campus grounds meet the needs of the people that work in them. The YFM are accountable for services such as cleaning, security and parking, to make sure the surrounding environment is in a suitable condition to work. They also manage any building maintenance with things like heating and air conditioning, to maintain the working environment.

Additional job duties, may require the need to assist with morning crew setup as well regular assistance with campus grounds.

Job Duties

  • Manage all bulk materials; ensure adequate supply and reordering when necessary.
  • Refuel all vehicles and equipment when needed.
  • Develop and implement a facility management program including preventative maintenance and life-cycle requirements.
  • Conduct and document regular facilities inspections.
  • Loading & Unloading of Trucks.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety standards and industry codes.
  • Allocate and manage facility space for maximum efficiency.
  • Coordinate intra-office moves.
  • Manage maintenance and repair of facilities, able to perform certain repairs in house. This may include overseeing facility refurbishment and renovations.
  • Plan and manage facility central services such as main entrance, security, cleaning, waste disposal and parking areas.
  • Implement best practice processes to increase efficiency.
  • Manage and review service contracts to ensure facility management needs are being met.
  • Ensure delivery schedules, quantity and quality criteria are met.
  • Ensure efficient utilization of facility maintenance staff.
  • Prepare and track facility budget.
  • Generate and present regular reports and reviews of facility-related budgets, finances, contracts, expenditures and purchases.
  • Develop and implement cost reduction initiatives; upgrade systems to ensure full efficiency of campus.
  • Advise on and monitor energy efficiency.
  • Oversee environmental health and safety, manage facilitation of reporting any issues to human resources and follow up to ensure adequate policies and procedures are followed.
  • Assure security of the facility by maintaining gates, cameras (if applicable) and other security opportunities.
  • Respond to facility and equipment alarms and system failures.
    Provide prompt response to requests and issues from facility occupants.