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Keeping Lawns & Gardens Green – Mid-Summer Irrigation Tips

There are several things to keep in mind when managing your irrigation system, especially now in the hot, hazy, dog days of summer.

  •  You are the manager of your system, not the company who manages or installed it. Many customers think about their irrigation twice a year – for spring turn on and fall blow outs. However, the variable weather conditions between spring and fall can really be disastrous if not attended to properly.
  •  Summer heat waves often lead to brown, crispy dormant lawns if they’re not properly fed and watered. Make sure to increase frequency and duration during these times.
  • Check the time of day your irrigation system waters the lawn. Many homeowners set their systems to run in the very early morning hours, and never really think about it during the day. Unfortunately, we had some clients recently in this circumstance who didn’t even know their systems had malfunctioned, because they never see them on!
  •  Set your calendar. In May, remind yourself to add back your skipped days of the rainy spring. In mid-June, increase your frequency again, especially on the south and west areas of the lawn where you might get the most sun.  July and August should be the most frequent watering times. In September and October, start to reverse what you did in the spring. Dial back your frequency and prepare your lawn for the cooler days of fall.
  • Don’t forget to winterize! Call to schedule your blow out sessions soon so that you’re not waiting to the last minute and thinking about it too late.
  • Happy Watering!