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Landscape Transformations- Before and After

The time has come: you’re ready to give the green light on fresh new landscaping for your home. You begin by watching your favorite home improvement TV shows, or perhaps by clipping your favorite pictures from a plant magazine. As you begin to piece all of these wonderful ideas together, you start to realize that maybe the project is a bit larger than what you initially anticipated. How am I going to remove and dispose the old shrubs and root balls?  How do I re-invigorate the old soil for new plants? How do I effectively lay out all my favorite choice plants together without them overwhelming the new space? Who is going to do ALL of this labor? These unanswered questions can quickly become overwhelming. For many, this is where their vision ends. Fortunately, Winterberry Gardens can answer all of your questions (and more).

We have the tools and knowledge to assist in all projects, from a small foundation planting task to an entire property landscaping plan. We encourage you to share your ideas with us so we may create the brand new space you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll take care of the design, logistics and construction so that all you’ll have to do is enjoy the exciting new space. Give us a call and we’ll turn your vision into a fantastic reality.