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Leaf Peeping, the Tradition

I have always been an outdoor type of person, but I have never considered myself one to get amusement out of leaf peeping until I graduated college. One of my best friends, that I met while I was at UCONN, is a Connecticut native that had moved to Delaware at any early age and came back to attend college at UCONN. She always admired the colors of fall and always spoke of that being one of the things she missed the most while living down south.

leaf peeping 5

Once we graduated we started a tradition. Every October she would come visit, along with the rest of our friends, and we would travel throughout Connecticut to find the best areas for fall foliage. Our first stop was Mansfield Hollow, a park located conveniently near campus. The trails took us along a small pond which was surrounded by beautiful Maples in shades of yellow, orange, and red while the trail path was littered in red Oak leaves and acorns. We had hiked through the woods for hours taking pictures of almost every leaf; not one was the same.

leaf peeping 4

leaf peeping 3

leaf peeping 1

For the next couple of years we had made our way out to Kent Falls and Cornwall. Hiking along the falls was breathtaking. There were vibrant shades of yellow and red alongside moss covered boulders surrounded by still green ferns. It was a leaf peeping oasis! The waterfall is lined with a long trail with terraces, allowing visitors to stop and enjoy the view at every waterfall. Reaching the top is one of the greatest feelings and it gives you a great view of the surrounding hills.

leaf peeping

leaf peeping 2

From there we headed to the covered bridge in Cornwall. Again, the view was spectacular. The banks of the river were lined with yellowing Birches and ever changing Maples. Fallen yellow leaves had littered the river and had given the water a sparkling effect. After each of our leaf peeping excursions we would find a quaint place to eat and talk about our favorite spot of the day. Since our first trip we have expanded our tradition to our children. Although they are still very young, they enjoy seeing the different leaf colors and hiking through the woods.

Do you like to “leaf peep” come Fall?

Where are some of your favorite New England “peeping” locations to visit?