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Master Plan Design

Master plan design is all about the BIG PICTURE.

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When embarking on any design project, it is important to map out your long-term goals. The designers at Winterberry can create a master plan for your property while taking into account your budget, property limitations and advantages, and future maintenance costs to ensure a well-thought, well-built, and cost-effective plan.

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Your master landscape plan could include hardscape, deck, patio, pool and spa, rainwater collection systems, irrigation, plant selections and locations, water features, outdoor kitchens, fire features and landscape lighting.

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Having a complete plan will ensure that future projects are considered and that the proper utilities and accommodations are made to ensure the success of those projects.

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We understand that not everyone has the resources to complete an entire landscape design at once, so utilizing your custom plan allows you to break down the design into phases.¬†We’ve found that most of the time, a master landscape plan will actually pay for itself by reducing un-necessary work and project delays in the future.

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By viewing landscape design as an investment and a service where you “get what you pay for,” homeowners can begin to better understand the importance and benefits of quality design.

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If you are interested in creating a master design plan for your home, call us at 860-378-0071 and ask to speak to one of our talented Winterberry designers!