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Modern Fence Styles

Fences have drastically evolved over the years. Modern fence styles, more commonly referred to as the Asian or Zen style have become increasingly popular. These styles reinforce the “less is more” concept. They are typically horizontal and sleek with clean lines and dramatic details. The design highlights the beauty of nature while remaining simplistic.

The beauty in selecting a modern fence is that they are designed to harmonize with your home. You can select a style made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, stone, brick, glass or a combination of any of the above. We currently offer over 30 different colors and 100+ styles of fence to accommodate all types of properties – from modern structures, to classic colonial homes, to casual beach houses.

Keep in mind that a fence is a significant investment for your landscape. You don’t want to be too quick to settle for the status quo or a common classic design. Your fence immediately communicates your style to the community. It is important to remember the aesthetic value of your fence, for it could make or break your home’s curb appeal. To assure that you are making the smartest selection and investment, you should consider seeking the expert opinion of a fence contractor.

At Winterberry, we have very talented staff members in our fence division who can walk you through the steps necessary in choosing and installing the perfect modern fence for your home! Learn more about Winterberry’s Fence and Gate products here.