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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and the question on everyone’s minds is “What do I get mom this Mother’s Day?” We all want to get something that we know our mom will love-something that she can use or enjoy, and something that shows how much we appreciate everything she has done for us all year long.
Here at Winterberry, we have many items that fit all three criteria. We specialize in finding plants and items that will take your garden to the next level, to create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy all season long. What’s better than giving mom something that she can enjoy all summer long or even for years to come?

Colorful hanging baskets seem to be a favorite year after year. We have many beautiful combinations that will brighten up any space. My favorite is called Wine Country. It has light purple petunias, bright purple verbena and superbells in a soft yellow.  The color combo is striking! Your mom will enjoy the brilliant colors all summer long.
We also have many different types of fruit shrubs and trees this year. Everyone seems to be getting into the grow-your-own trend. If your mom loves fresh blueberries and raspberries, you should definitely check out our Bushel and Berry collection. Not only do these plants produce high yields of your favorite berry, but the plants don’t get too big, so they are perfect for planting in containers.
If your mom doesn’t have a green thumb, there’s no need to worry! Winterberry still has some great gift options for you. We just had some beautiful new birdbaths arrive. In fact, that’s what I chose for my mom last year, and she absolutely loved it! She was so excited for the new addition to her garden. Mosaic gazing globes, hummingbird feeders and a variety of stepping stones are also gifts that mom will love.
Let’s say mom is more of an indoor person. We have some great houseplants with stunning foliage that mom can keep indoors and enjoy regardless of the season. We also have everything you need to create an indoor terrarium and miniature garden. Air plants are another great option for a mom who prefers a plant with virtually no maintenance. New vessels and plants have just arrived to help you in creating the perfect terrarium for mom!
In the end, it’s really all about giving mom something she can enjoy again and again. Whether it’s something that grows or an accessory that can be added to the garden, Winterberry has endless options to help you find that perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day, May 14!