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New in the Garden Center for 2015

It’s hard to believe spring is right around the corner with two feet of snow still sitting on the ground, but here at Winterberry Gardens we are excited to announce some of the new things happening this year. The Garden Center will be selling new plant varieties and decorative products; the greenhouse has received some upgrades and the Plant Perk Program has been improved!


Each year we strive to bring in the “hot” plants for the season and this year is no different. For all the Garden Phlox lovers out there, a new dwarf series has been introduced. The Flame Garden Phlox Series will only reach 15-18 inches and will still produce the beautiful flower power that we have all grown to love. In the shade garden, be sure to check out the Columbine Winky Series. The flowers on this compact plant are facing upwards and appear to be winking at you. Talk about a plant that is happy to see you!


Flame Garden Phlox Series. Source

Hydrangea Fire & Ice is one of the many new Hydrangea varieties for this year. With each season comes a new flower color. In the spring, the flower emerges a beautiful white that pops off of the deep green foliage. By midsummer, blushing pink blossoms take over the plant leading up to a beautiful magenta-burgundy for the fall. Northpole Columnar Apple makes growing apples easier than ever. Reaching 8-10 feet tall and only 1-2 feet wide, this tree can be grown in the smallest of spaces. Plant with Golden Sentinel or Scarlet Sentinel and enjoy the bounty of fruit this fall!

Fire & Ice Hydrangea. Source.

Fire & Ice Hydrangea. Source.

This winter we have visited some trade shows to find the latest and greatest pottery, terrariums and garden art. From solar glass art to colorful steel powder coated garden torches; we will have a variety of standout pieces to add to your beautiful landscape. We also had a chance to visit Florida and purchase some bold and beautiful tropical plants and air plants. Winterberry has the ability to not only improve your outdoor gardens but your indoor gardens as well.

Winterberry Booth at the 2015 CT Flower and Garden Show

The Winterberry Booth at the 2015 CT Flower and Garden Show

Our retail greenhouse has been upgraded with state of the art flood benches. These benches recycle water which will allow us to save water and use less fertilizers throughout the season. We also upgraded our Plant Perks Program to better suit our guests. Please check out our website for all the new details!

winterberry gardens pansies

We are very excited for the snow to melt and to bring in plants. Above are just some of the new items we will be bringing in this year.

Opening day is Monday, March 30th and we hope to see each one of you this year!