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Our Moms’ Favorite Plants

Around Mother’s Day, I struggle to find the perfect gift for my mom- the woman in my life who deserves the world. I wish I could give her the world, but that is not possible, so I am forced to stick with something simpler. Gifting her a new plant for the garden will make her day.

Recently, I took the time to find out the favorite plants of the moms of our Garden Center employees. I found that our moms each have a different favorite. The most popular picks are hydrangeas, peonies, bleeding hearts and roses.

Tiffany’s mom loves the old-fashioned bleeding heart. These plants are one of the first to pop in the spring and are relatively easy to grow. They come in a range of colors, including pink, red, and white with dark green foliage. Their arching stems hold puffy heart shaped flowers.

Peonies are the favorite when Ashley asked her mom. She likes them for their beauty and variety of color options available. There are two types of peonies; herbaceous peony and tree peony which both offer the same beauty. These plants offer fragrant flowers ranging in colors of pink, yellow, orange, deep reds, and whites.

Hydrangeas are favorited by both Adriana’s mom and my mom. These late season bloomers are very popular in landscapes. They flaunt large orb like flowers with colors including blues, pinks, whites, purples and reds. These shrubs flower late in the season but are known to hold onto their flowers well into the fall. They also offer varieties that produce lace cap or oakleaf shaped flowers.

What is your mom’s favorite plant? Find out and then come to the garden center where we offer a great variety of annuals, perennials, trees or shrubs that might just be her favorite.

By: Monique Defosse