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Plants that BEAT the Summer HEAT!

During the summer people tend to not water their plants as much as they should because of summer activities and vacations. They simply don’t have the time. This may discourage you from your love of plants, but don’t give up just yet.


Portulaca and Lantana are two of my favorite plants that beat the summer heat!

Portulaca is a great plant that loves it hot and dry. It comes in a variety of leaf shapes, flower colors and sizes. Winterberry usually carries a flat leaf Portulaca that flowers red, pink, yellow and tangerine. This plant is so unique it only opens up when the sun is shining. How cool is that? Also, the leaves flip over when it is too dry and that’s a sure sign to pull out the watering can.


The second plant, Lantana, has more of a woody stem and can be grown into an annual tree if desired. Lantana also loves it hot and dry. It comes in many different shades of white, yellow, pink, orange and red. Each flower cluster has a range of colors just in itself. It’s gorgeous! Hummingbirds love them and they have an amazing citrus smell as well.


On another note, it’s important to keep your pots or flower beds moist at all times. A great additive to help hold moisture is Soil Moist. These little crystals absorb water and expand 10 times their size or more. They certainly help to keep your soil moist longer in between watering.


Lastly, don’t forget to feed your annuals. The more, the better. Keep in mind, that every time you use plain water you leach out essential nutrients that are in the soil. Feeding more often will keep your plants happy and healthy and in turn they flower more and grow fuller. Winterberry has a Green Club Fertilizer that does the trick and is available for purchase for just $4.99. With that purchase, you get a jug of the same fertilizer that we use in the Garden Center. It’s diluted enough which means you can water daily, just like we do. And, you can come back for the rest of the season (as many times as you want) to get a refill for FREE!

Stay cool and hope to see you soon!