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Preparing for the Gardening Season

Do you find yourself struggling to find the time to get all of your containers and window boxes planted before the gardening season?  Most people are busy with work  and after school and weekend activities with the children in the spring… I know I am! Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a quick and easy planting so you can get back to your everyday life and don’t have to worry about getting this and that done in order to have your containers looking beautiful.

First, you should get all of your containers ready. That means properly cleaning them. Empty out the containers and give them a good scrub down. You want to make sure you remove all left over soil and anything crusted on them from the previous planting. Having a clean container/window box will minimize your chance of fungus, disease and pests that you may have had the previous season from wintering over and infecting your new planting. If you are going to plant in a flower bed preparing this may have to wait a little longer if there is snow on the ground. If not you should remove all annual plant material. Rake out leaves and apply a product that will prevent weeds from growing also known as a pre-emergent.

Second, you could look into what you would like to plant if you want to change the look from last year. Go online or look through some magazines and try to find some plants that you would like to incorporate into your designs. This research will also help if you’re not sure what type of plants can go together depending on their requirements. Figuring out what you are going to plant will save you time when you’re shopping for your annuals.

Third, get all the materials that you are going to use in advance. If you have a place to store them you can purchase your soil, fertilizers and anything else you will need when it comes time to plant beforehand.


Lastly, if preparing and planting your containers has become too much work and you want someone else to do it Winterberry will gladly do so. We can take your containers, plant them up with whatever you’d like and keep them maintained in our greenhouses until you are ready to bring them home. We can work with any budget you may have.


Doing these few things before the busy spring arrives will make your planting a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. If you need any advice or have something you are not sure about feel free to come down to Winterberry and see one of our associates. We will gladly help you create whatever it is that you are looking for. Don’t forget not only can you plant to get those beautiful summer flowers but also spring flowers, fall blooming flowers and showy winter greenery.


Happy Planting!