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Spice Up Your Container Gardens for Fall

It’s hard to believe that fall is already here (where did the summer go)! That just means that it’s time to freshen up your summer container gardens and get them ready for the new season. I know my containers at home are looking tired and are definitely ready for some rejuvenation.

Some of the staple annuals that most people associate with fall are plants that prefer the cooler weather. These include mums, pansies, millet, fountain grasses and cabbage or kale. These plants all are great for using in fall container gardens, however there are also some other plants, some of which you may know and others that might be new to you, but all of which can bring your container garden to the next level.  I’ll share with you some of favorite plants to incorporate into fall planters along with some other ideas to help you create a unique planter that will put your typical mum planter to shame!

One of the plants that always grab people’s attention is ornamental peppers. There are so many different types available, but one that Winterberry typically has is called “Chilli Chilli”. As the peppers mature, you get different shades of yellows, oranges and reds, which add a pop of color to your container while you’re waiting for mums to bloom.

chili peppers

Other annuals that like cool weather and will provide you with constant color in your container include Pansies, Nemesia, Strawflowers and Million Bells. Don’t be afraid to mix some perennials into your containers as well. Different types of Heuchera (Coral Bells) and Ferns add different colors and textures to your traditional assortments. Some of the perennial grasses are also nice to use as centerpieces if you are looking for something different that the usual fountain grasses and millets. The fall color and seed heads on some of the perennial grasses can add a lot of interest to your combinations. It just all depends on the “look” you want your container to have. If you want something totally different, check out Juncus Grass. One type of this perennial grass has corkscrew-looking blades rather than straight blades, like all other grasses.


If you want something to trail along the sides of your container, English Ivy looks great with other fall annuals. Be careful not to use the type of ivy that can be kept as a houseplant though, because it ma not fare so well once the weather really starts getting cooler. Creeping Jenny is also a good trailer and because of its chartreuse color, will liven up your combination for sure.

Don’t be afraid to add other media to your container garden in addition to plants. Tall branches in the center of your container not only add height and drama, but give your mixed planter interesting texture as well. There are so many different types of branches you can use! A couple of my favorites for the fall are Curly Willow branches, Red Twig Dogwood branches and even Yellow Twig Dogwood branches. Also, mixing in smaller pumpkins and gourds can bring a lot of interest to your container.  Adding a string of lights will even allow you to enjoy your beautiful combination at night.

In the end, incorporating unique plants and other media along with combining contrasting colors will help bring your fall container garden to the next level and make your planter the envy of your neighborhood!

Interested in speaking to one of our garden center professionals about creating the perfect Fall Planters for your home? Just stop by, we’d be happy to help!