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Spring Gardening at Winterberry!


Welcome to the spring 2016 growing and gardening season here at Winterberry! Spring may have officially started on March 21st, but it’s been here in our Retail Greenhouse since late January.

Our pansies are filling out and blooming – we’ve been waiting to see their sunny welcoming faces since they were planted. This year we’ve added Cool Wave ‘Golden Yellow’ which we’ve put into hanging planters and hanging bags. They will fall over the sides of the planters brightening up your doorway, deck or patio. We also have the Whiskers variety (think of the whiskers you’ve drawn on cat pictures) and Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry. What a colorful planter you can create with these beauties!

Soon after the pansies were settled into their pots, our perennials arrived. Normally the perennials are grown later in the season in our back greenhouses. This year, we started early and these locally Winterberry grown plants will be ready to brighten up your gardens from the get go. Who likes the Creeping Phlox that covers the ground and tumbles over walls? We have it in Emerald Pink, Purple Beauty, Blue Emerald and Winterberry Cream. Add to this list of locally grown plants: Veronica, Salvia, Russian Sage, Echinacea, several grasses, varieties of Heuchera… the list goes on – just ask John, Margaret or Heather in the perennial department and they will show you what we’re proud to say is Winterberry Grown. unnamed-2

We’ve also added a few new shrubs to compliment your annual and perennial choices. Buxus Sprinter (a boxwood) is a deer resistant, compact shrub ranging from 2 to 4 feet in height and width. It can be planted from the sunny side of your yard into the shady side. This may be compact in size but not when it comes to adding impact to your yard! Hibiscus Lil’ Kim Violet is another deer resistant shrub. This grows a little taller and wider, measuring 3 to 4 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. Notice the red eye in the center of its violet flowers.

Hydrangea Rhythmic Blue is the new addition to your collection of summer blooming Hydrangeas. It’s a petite mop head variety that goes in front of the border, standing 2 feet to 3 feet tall and wide. Old and new wood produce blooms throughout the summer. Remember to see the other varieties of Hydrangeas that Ashley has in stock for you; it’s her favorite shrub. Come and see why! They can fit into a variety of design plans and when you see them in their glory in your yard you just may find you need another and another….


Sebby and Donna have been planting the vegetable seeds to help you get a head start on your own garden. The Tumbling Toms have pushed through the soil happily growing towards becoming juicy, tasty tomatoes. Close your eyes and imagine the distinct smell of the tomato plant…then your first bite! Remember to bring a napkin as the juices trickle down your chin. The other cold crop veggies we’re growing include lettuce, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, peppers and herbs. Once we’re sure the weather stays warm, we’ll have more vegetables to add to your healthy recipes.

Let’s not forget what Adriana has been planning. Since our succulent animals were such a hit, she has expanded the collection to include planted watering cans, zinc buckets and our favorite, wine bottle planters.

Sebby is starting our classes with a new seed planting class and then moves on to his vegetable gardening class. That has been a popular favorite for years. Come, learn and pick his brain so you can have a successful vegetable garden this year. New for this year, Michael and Sebby join talents and teach you about bees and beekeeping. You may have seen the little ladies buzzing around the garden center last year. Hear what they can teach you about this new hobby and how you can learn to assist one of our local pollinators with what you plant in your garden.

Come out to Winterberry and renew your friendships with the “old timers” and meet our new team members. We are here, ready to help you create the gardens you can proudly call home!