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It’s Time to Start Up Your Irrigation System

    The warm spring weather is almost here, and with that comes the time to think about re-activating your irrigation system. The professionals at Winterberry Irrigation specialize in installing all-inclusive irrigation systems by Hunter, Rain Bird, and Toro, the leaders in residential and commercial irrigation equipment.

This time of year we are busy checking and activating systems after the long winter. Do you know how to start up your system? Below is a step by step method by which our professionals follow:

  1. Close all drain valves or draw off valves
  2. Verify zone valves are closed
  3. Open ball valves on the backflow device and close all test ports
  4. Slowly open ball valve on water source to fill main line-verify no leaks
  5. Turn on controller, reprogram time and date as needed
  6. Turn on power to pump if applicable
  7. Prime pump by filling with water, if applicable
  8. Operate zone valves one at a time
  9. Observe all heads to insure proper operation and adjustment
  10. Flag any problems and notify customer
  11. Program controller for spring time watering schedule
  12. Set controller to automatic setting

If you need any assistance starting up your irrigation system this spring, please feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment for a Winterberry professional to come out and help:

860-378-0071 ext. 100