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Summer Maintenance Tips for Healthy Plants

To keep your plants healthy with vibrant color through the dog days of summer, it’s essential to change up your summer maintenance program. Below are a few tips to help you do just that.


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First, pull yourself out of the “set it and forget it” mind set. Irrigation systems will need to be adjusted from the short cycle spring settings to longer cycle times for summer heat. You should start increasing in early June and then increase two more run cycles during July and August. Take note of your property’s microclimate and soil type when you adjust your settings so you don’t over or under water.


Next, let’s discuss your maintenance for annual flowers during the summer. It’s simple – feed and fertilize as often as you can. Most people forget to feed their flower beds, containers, and hanging baskets during the summer. Summer rain can help, but these plants are heavy feeders and need nutrients regularly. We recommend using the slow release Osmocote brand. You can sprinkle in and around the plants when necessary. Also, we recommend using a 10-10-10 water soluble fertilizer, like Miracle Grow, once a week when you water.


The last important practice is to walk your property at least once a week and look at the plants. Look for moistness and insect damage that might be occurring on your ornamental plants. If you are vigilant and proactive you can save a prize specimen from serious damage or death.

Gardening and landscaping should never feel like a chore, so do small amounts at a time. This way you will not become overwhelmed or exhausted and you can actually enjoy all of the beauty nature has to offer.