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Holiday Decorating

      Every year when it comes time to preparing for the upcoming holiday season, it seems that holiday decorating is at the top of most everyone’s list. Not only does it give you a break from the hectic shopping and general commotion that characterizes this time of year; it provides you with an opportunity to spruce up your home, inside and out, while spending time with friends and loved ones. For some people, `trimming the tree’ is the extent to which decorating is taken. However, there are so many additional ways to bring festivity to your home by incorporating natural elements to existing plantings and by bringing the outdoors in.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is an ideal time to plan your own lawn care program. Maintaining a healthy lawn can certainly be a difficult challenge for homeowners, but with a few helpful tips from our professionals, you can have a head start to a lush lawn in no time!

As soon as the snow melts and it’s comfortable to be outside, you can begin your spring clean up. At Winterberry, we use a combination of tools & techniques: mechanical blowers are used to clear out leaves and small debris, and raking is performed for turf and areas around plantings where leaves accumulate over the winter. These must be cleared to avoid problems that stem from lack of air circulation, such as mold. Raking alone will achieve the desired result: beds and turf areas completely cleared of any debris. Besides removing sticks, twigs and leaves, it important to rake out any dead or matted areas of grass.