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Take On Spring Cleanup With Winterberry Landscape Management

If this is the season you want to take back your weekend hours that were previously spent in the yard, the Winterberry Landscape Team is here to help! You’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s being professionally managed and your designated Account Manager will become a trusted advisor for your property. Whether you’re a residential…

Maintaining Flowering Shrubs

You delight in your thriving garden or yard because you spend a lot of time gently nurturing and providing the TLC it needs to be beautiful. Once plants, trees, and flowering shrubs have taken root and established themselves, the rest is about enjoying your garden and maintaining it to keep its attractive appearance in order and avoid excessive growth.

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Designing an Outdoor Room

Due to the uncertainty in the real estate market, many clients we work with now choose to expand their current homes, rather than move to a larger house.  Rather than doing a traditional addition, one alternative is to add an outdoor room to your home.  An outdoor room essentially serves two purposes: it is an expansion of living space, and it allows its users to enjoy their outdoors.  This creates a transitional space, one that is part inside, part outside, and that can serve many purposes.