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Thank You For a Great Year!

It is now the last month of an amazing and very busy year for Winterberry. We just came through our first season’s snowstorm the day before Thanksgiving, and feel fortunate that Mother Nature didn’t decide to hold off for another 24 hours!

Looking back over the season, I am so proud of just how much Winterberry and its affiliates have accomplished in such a short time. We have our staff and our customer to thank for that. Each year our garden center provides thousands of satisfied shoppers with the natural aesthetics that truly make a difference at their homes, apartments and offices. Our maintenance and irrigation department now has more than 15,000 customer visits each year. Our Landscape design and construction services are well utilized by hundreds more.
There has been some very effective communication, coordination, and interaction between our employees, our vendors and our service providers to make it all happen-to keep our shelves and sheds supplied and our trucks rolling. It is a tremendous task, but our exceptional staff knows how to deliver the goods and services that make the Winterberry brand so unique in the northeast. We take great pride in our people, which is why we continually offer them opportunities in training and education so that they can continue to improve, while simultaneously helping us strengthen the brand. Our employees are the heart and soul of Winterberry.
It is also important to note that we continue to invest capital for improvements in facilities, infrastructure and equipment, all of which helps to assure a safe work environment for our people.
We would like to recognize and thank the customers, employees, and vendors who together make the Winterberry brand an exciting and heartwarming reality. Congratulations for another safe and successful year! Have a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.
Scot Leavitt
Owner and partner in the Winterberry Group