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Turning a Landscaping Vision into a Reality

By Tim Pelepako

A landscape plan begins with a vision. It’s then developed, nurtured and streamlined through a process: from an idea that began on jotter paper to an installation that leads to a grand finish. The design process is a collaborative effort between the client and designer. The designer begins by developing a relationship with the client, understanding their needs, and then ultimately works on the design’s execution. The space that once was a distracting eyesore has now evolved into nirvana: a state of bliss and the re-birth of life!

The Design Team at Winterberry is available to guide you and your ideas through that process to the ultimate goal desired. Typically, it begins with a phone call to Winterberry inquiring about a potential vision. From there, you meet with one of our designers at your site and ideas are generated. Those ideas are then applied to a design print, which is then reviewed for a final discussion before an installation is scheduled. The rest is history (and the vision created)!