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Vegetable Container Gardening

Many people would love to grow their own vegetables but can’t due to either lack of yard/ space like living in a condo or maybe just physically taking care of a garden is too much work. Well there is a solution to that! It’s called “Vegetable Container Gardening”!


Now I know many people think of pretty flowering planters when they think of “container gardening” but it is so much more than that. And many wouldn’t even think of putting a vegetable or herb plant into a pot anyway. Well times are changing and for many it’s just simply impossible to have a garden inthe back yard never mind all the time it takes to care for it.

            There are many different vegetables that will do just fine in a container. Example: smaller varieties of tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, eggplant, green beans, cucumbers (with a trellis of course), potatoes and just about any herb you can think of.


Your containers do need to be of a decent size, just think of all the room for root growth there is planted in a garden. As long as it’s outside in the sun, receiving plenty of water (but not too much), and has the necessary nutrients from fertilizers or other organic products you are sure to be successful and grow your own garden right on your patio without all that back breaking work!


 If your pots are big enough you can even mix a few varieties together like a nice tomato plant to the back with your favorite basil, parsley or oregano to the front. Then before you know it you’ll be inviting the family over for a homemade pasta dinner. Or how about if you have a container growing the biggest and tastiest eggplant right next to your tomato planter, now you’re ready for some Eggplant Parmesan!


Try growing your tomatillos and spicy jalapenos with a cilantro plant and with a few more ingredients you’ll be ready to invite friends over for a Mexican fiesta! The possibilities are endless! So for those of you who yearn for your own “Fresh from the garden” vegetables, go and give it a try! A few good size containers, rich organic soil, some seeds or veggie plugs and of course love is all you need.