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Welcome to the Winterberry Garden Blog!

Welcome everyone to the inaugural post of the Winterberry Gardens Blog.  All of us here at Winterberry are excited to be opening this blog up to share our collective knowledge with our loyal guests and fellow gardening enthusiasts.  Over the course of the this blog, you’ll find informative articles about Gardening, Landscape Design, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Maintenance, Horticulture, Fencing, Fertilization, and more.  Better yet, every post will be written by one of Winterberry’s own employees.  As we go through the year, you’ll be able to get to know our best and brightest, and we encourage your emailing us directly with any questions or comments.  In the end, this blog is a way for us to reach out to you, and for you to tell us what you want this blog to be.

As one of the Landscape Designers here at Winterberry, you’ll be hearing from me later in the year on all kinds of Landscape Design issues.  But for this first entry, let me tell you a little about how

Winterberry began as a small Landscape Design and Build company back in 1985.  As the original owners added to their team, they also added to the company’s areas of expertise.  The vision began to emerge of a single company that would take care of every aspect of the landscape.  Too many companies would specialize in one aspect of the landscape, and then either force the homeowner to go out and find their own contractors, or work in an area where they didn’t have the proper expertise.

At Winterberry we view things a little differently.  The idea that drives our people is to make things as easy as possible for our clients, so each of our services is accompanied by people that specialize in that, and that alone.

Winterberry had its beginnings as Environmental Designs, a small Landscaping Design and Build Company founded by two brothers, Scot and Al Leavitt. To say they had humble beginnings back in 1985 is a bit of an understatement.In fact, the story goes that Scot and Al at one point ate nothing but Ramen Noodles for two straight weeks. But they worked hard, and slowly built their company.

Scot, with his Fine Arts Degree, soon gained a reputation for creative designs that were as much works of art as landscapes. He and Al built their team, many of whom are still around to this day. As they added people they also gained their expertise, and soon the company was expanding its offerings. In addition to Landscape Design and Installation, they were also becoming known for high-quality Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Fencing, and Maintenance services.

At that time, the site now known as Winterberry Gardens was a sandpit notable only for the wild winterberry shrubs that grew all over it. But that changed one day when Scot and Al drove down West Street on their way to a November job site. They might have overlooked the spot entirely had it not been for the bright red berries that blanketed the field. Instead, it got the brothers thinking about a new home. In tribute they re-named their company after the shrubs that first drew their notice driving along West Street. And of course, it’s remained Winterberry Gardens ever since.

From our family to yours, with sincerest thanks,

Scot & Al Leavitt