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What is it? Buddleia Wisteria

Buddleia Wisteria Lane is a unique and very popular new shrub, which will surely delight any gardener looking for that interesting new plant to show off to their friends. Wisteria Lane is a weeping butterfly bush. Perennial plant breeders took the traditional large, upright butterfly bush that we all have known for years and did selective breeding to end up with a more compact butterfly bush. These flowers hang downward, like wisteria, rather than the upward pointing flower spikes typically are.

Buddleia Wisteria Lane blooms are a delicate, light purple color, arriving in mid-summer through fall. The size of this shrub, just 22-24 inches, even allows it to be planted in containers, at least for the summer. Plant it in the ground during the winter for best results, and plant in full sun for best performance.

This baby Buddleia can be tucked anywhere you want to watch butterflies up close including below windows or in patio containers. Prompt removal of spent flower spikes during the growing season will encourage continued bloom until frost. Much like their larger cousins, Wisteria Lane appreciates a good pruning in late winter or early spring to encourage vigorous growth.