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Winterberry Grown

Here at Winterberry Gardens we are able to grow our own annuals and perennials for our garden center. Through thoughtful selection and hours of hard work, our growing department is able to provide guests with a quality product that Winterberry Gardens is proud to stand behind.

Each year starts with a careful review of the previous season’s plants.  We look at what was successful and what may not have turned as many heads as we were hoping.  We then take that information and develop orders, calculate how much space we need, and set up a detailed growing schedule.  Near the end of January, the Winterberry growing department is already hard at work to make sure your spring and summer look spectacular! That momentum continues once spring comes. With each season, the growing department stays a step ahead. They’re constantly rotating in new crops that are seasonally appropriate so that guests can always get the plants that they’ve come to know and expect at specific times of the year.
Being able to grow our own stock of annuals and perennials helps us to ensure that our guests get the best of their favorite varieties. We carefully select varieties based on their performance in the landscape and their popularity. Our prided Sunpatiens are an example of this. The Sunpatien was developed as a solution to put the color and texture of New Guinea Impatiens into a full sun environment, and to also combat diseases affecting impatiens.  We started growing them very early on when they were introduced, and expanded our production as they gained popularity. Now guests come back every year with standing orders because they know that the Winterberry growing department has an established history and reliable results when producing quality Sunpatiens.
This year we have introduced ‘Forever Purple’ Heuchera in our Winterberry Grown Perennials. This is another example of an item that was very popular last year, but difficult to get. By growing it ourselves, we’re able to have a great perennial ready for its many fans as soon as the garden center opened this year.  As with many of our Winterberry grown plants, the ability to grow them on site means that we are able to make them available to guests even sooner!
By being able to grow our own stock, we also have a hand in controlling how much it is exposed to chemical treatments. We use beneficial nematodes and foster beneficial insects in our greenhouses as a first line of defense. Here at Winterberry Gardens, we use a system called Integrated Pest Management, which allows us to scout and only treat for an issue when it has passed a certain threshold.  This is something we take very seriously, not only to protect our products, but also to protect our own beehives on site.
Over the years, our production has expanded beyond the cranberry colored Winterberry Grown pots that guests have come to know and love.  Our growing department is also licensed to grow Proven Winner plants too. I always encourage our guests to look at our tags when coming in to buy locally grown, carefully selected, high quality plants.  If you see “WBG” before the name, you’ll be able to recognize that it comes from our own greenhouses and you’ll know you’re getting a great product.