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Winterberry Irrigation: 2015 Featured Project

Winterberry Irrigation has been involved with Fidelity Investments Corporate Campus in Merrimack, NH for the past several years. We had been contacted to assist them in achieving a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) qualification, and becoming an environmentally sustainable site. Part of this qualification involves Irrigation Water Management, which is one of Winterberry’s areas of expertise.

Davis Weather Station

The site itself included approximately 20 acres of landscaped area, and was quite geographically challenging with several points of water connection, and multiple irrigation controllers. Winterberry’s goal was to convert the existing irrigation system to a single controller with internet access and a Davis Weather Station. This change would allow more control over the water usage on the site, and the ability to use the weather station to true ET management. Evapotranspiration, or ET, is the measurement of water lost from plants by transpiration. The weather station, working with the irrigation controller, calculates this loss and equates this into an irrigation schedule. It then replenishes the landscape to meet the seasonal needs of the area.

These new technological advancements have been instrumental to this site, in terms of water management. Previously, with multiple controllers being used, it was most likely that over-watering was taking place on this site. Now, by understanding the characteristics of the site, the new control system uses this knowledge to run more efficiently and will provide a more environmentally sustainable landscape for years to come.

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