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Winterberry’s 2013 Vision

Winterberry’s vision for the 2013 season begins with the winding down of the Winter season. Most people think Winter is a time for landscapers to hibernate. Not at Winterberry. Winter is our busiest time of the year. We spend time reflecting on what happened during the landscape months and how we could improve our practices.
Owner, Scot Leavitt at our 2013 Season Kick-Off Fiesta last week.

Owner, Scot Leavitt at our 2013 Season Kick-Off Fiesta last week.

The ladies and gentlemen of Winterberry invest lots of time traveling for training, education, ideas, recruitment, new and innovative products and systems. The 2013 year is one of the most promising for enhanced growth from within the company.

Some of the new tools we’ve invested in include: three dimensional design software, customer relationship management software, and routing and service coordination software. We have upgraded our construction equipment and technical infrastructure hardware, we increased and re-organized our office space and we consolidated the Fence and Gate department. In addition, we’re excited about the recruitment of some exceptionally talented people in all of our departments.

We embarked upon uniting the work force across the departments. We have leveraged our investment in learning to pull together the teams. The unity created amongst our people will equal greater customer service.

Making all of this happen during the Winter months while managing our snow removal operations was quite a task. As one of the owners of Winterberry, I would like to say that we are extremely proud of the talents and efforts our people put into helping us to become the best run company in the landscape life style industry. They continually raise the bar to provide exceptional customer service for aesthetic standards of living.