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Winterberry’s Marvelous Mums

As fall quickly approaches, “Mums” the word here at Winterberry Gardens. If you visited the Garden Center in the summer months, the views of lush annuals were endless, but visions of mums were far from the mind. Even though our guests weren’t thinking of mums yet, our Growers were already hard at work.


Our growing team begins planting our mums in early July to ensure they are just the right size and maturity come fall. The main type of mum grown here at Winterberry is the Belgian Mum. This is a small leaf, multi-petal mum that will flower for about 3-4 weeks. The flower time varies; some begin early in the season, others midway through the season, or there are even those that are late bloomers. Although the Belgian Mum is frost-hardy, it is not a perennial in our zone.

Here at Winterberry we love variety, which is just what you will see with our range of mum colors. We have Milano White, Allegra Yellow, Adiva Purple, Dazzling Stacy Orange, Granata Red, and so much more.


If you only have space for one mum, you don’t have to settle for one color. We have at least two different colors in the same plant. It’s so much fun to pick and choose through our Autumn leaves or Trick or Treat mums. Along with mums, the Garden Center is stocked with loads of pumpkins, cornstalks, and millets.


We look forward to seeing you at the Garden Center and guiding you in finding all the fall essentials for your garden!