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Winterizing Your Irrigation System

The Winterization of your irrigation system is extremely important to schedule before the cold weather hits.  This process is necessary to ensure that any major system damage is avoided during the winter months.

Before freezing temps arrive, all excess water must be removed from your system. An irrigation system is a complex piece of equipment comprised of a controller, valves, wiring, sprinkler heads, connective plumbing and underground pipes. When functioning, water flows through the systems and is disbursed through the sprinkler heads.

When idle, water is left lingering throughout the system. Unfortunately, in the colder months, that water is very likely to freeze, expand, & potentially burst the system. Hence the importance of Winterizing.

To do this, Winterberry sends out our irrigation technicians to properly shut down, drain, blow-out and Winterize your entire system. It is a time sensitive process and we are currently shutting down systems as it is crucial that this be completed over the next couple of weeks.

Do you have an irrigation system? Do you still need to shut it down? Simply give us a call to schedule your appointment and we will send one of our technicians to properly disable your equipment for the season.

Act now! Appointments can be made by calling Meagan Thompson at Winterberry Irrigation: